Rounding Second

Posted Sep 8, 2014.

Missed some baseball but got to see the outside of the ballpark in Indianapolis.

Posted Aug 30, 2014.

Grandy Bobblehead!

Posted May 15, 2014.

Remember when there was a linescore on the scoreboard? #mets #nowstalgia #adsoverfans #disappointment

Posted Mar 18, 2014.

I received my 2014 @mets tickets today! It included a snazzy bag to carry them home.

2014 Ticket Package

Posted Jan 22, 2014.

After reviewing the 2014 ticket offerings, I decided to again get a 20 game pack at Citi Field this year.  I wasn’t sure I could make the commitment, but when I priced a 10 game pick-a-pack with the dates I am available and compared to what I would pay for a 20 game pack in last year’s seats, it became obvious I should get the 20 game pack.

The 10 game pick-a-pack is only available in premium level seats.  My seats are on the field level, but in fair territory.  The “worst” seats available when selecting your own games are the Baseline Silver seats - outfield, foul territory.  Opening day in that pack was $108/seat.  Yikes!

I am feeling a bit strong armed, but I like my old seats.

Noah Syndergaard

Posted Jan 22, 2014.

I am getting cautiously excited for Noah Syndergaard.  Man I hope this kid is awesome.

Read John Harper’s article in the Daily News.

Posted Dec 31, 2013.

Ran across this Citi Field menu today while cleaning the apt. 3 months to Opening Day.

Posted Sep 10, 2013.

Just before Turner’s long double. #mets

Posted Aug 28, 2013.

Nice seats at the ballpark last night.

Posted Jul 16, 2013.

#asg souvenir beer!

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